Baby Ba Bottle Holder

Until your little one works out how to grasp her bottle and feed herself she faces a frustrating stage as she tries to work out how to hold it. The fact is -  bottles are slippery round things that are not really easy to grip when you are just starting out! More often than not there's gonna be spilt milk.

The Baby Ba Bottle Holder does a good job of solving this problem. Slip it over your bottle (it fits most standard bottles) and there you have it: A rounded shape with lots of nice gaps for your baby to grip onto. The holder's unique design improves hand to eye co-ordination and encourages a baby to grasp and then bring a bottle to their mouth. Available in 3 colours and free from plastic nasties like BPA.

Key features

  • Designed to encourage grasping and self feeding
  • BPA-free,pthalate-free and PVC - free
  • 3 Colours available
  • Fits on most standard bottles

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