Cosatto Zoomi Cuddle Monster Car Seat

Probably the most awesome car seat on the market. We love the Cosatto Zoomi!

When looking for a car seat you probably have a few factors in mind, but top of that list is safety for your child. This seat has a 5 point safety harness with quick release buckle. Its really sturdy yet feels well padded and super comfortable. Its a a pretty reasonable price (as car seats go) for those with a budget in mind and its just might be the best looking car seat out there. It comes in a range of styles from 'cuddle monster' to a car patterned 'vroom' and a flowery pink 'bloom'

As a stage 1-3 car seat the zoomi will last from 9 to 36kg which is approximately birth - 11 years old! Certainly good value for money for that amount of use, coupled with sharp looks and a good safety record you can see why we love it.

Key features

  • Safety first - 5 point harness with quick release buckle
  • Looking cool - awesome patterns
  • Strudy and well padded for a comfy ride
  • Stage 1/2/3 - 9 to 36 kg (birth to approximately 11 years of age)

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