Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

Yawn, that was a good nights slumber. It's light now so i'll call out for mummy and daddy to come and get me!...

Not so fast junior! It's still night time. Daddy has work in the morning so 4am is not a good time to get up!

It can be confusing for your little one, especially with changing light outside in different seasons. They can't tell the time on a regular clock so how are they to know when they can get out of bed?

The Gro Clock from the makers of the Gro Bag is a great idea to help promote a healthy sleeping routine. Teach your toddler that when the stars are showing it's still sleepy time. But when the sun is showing it's time to see mummy and daddy. The night time stars even count down, letting your little one know how close it is till wake-up time.

How to explain how the clock works? Don't worry you even get a book to read to them that explains it in a way your little ones can grasp easily. 

Key features

  • Count down from night time to waking time
  • Promotes healthy sleeping patterns
  • Bedtime book included
  • Adjustable - choose when wake up time should be
  • it works!

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