Gro Hush White Noise Baby Calmer

You've fed her, changed her nappy, cuddled her, given her attention but she just won't calm down!! Calming a baby that just won't soothe can be stressful on anybody so anything that alleviates the situation couldn't come sooner....

Introducing a new weapon for your baby arsenal. Set to be the new 'must have product' the Gro Hush baby calmer (from the makers of the popular Gro bags) could just be the wonder device that you have been looking for.

It works by playing a soothing noise that only your baby can hear which calms them down and relaxes them. With 3 styles to choose from: heartbeat, falling rain or the ocean waves your baby will be calmer in no time...fingers crossed!

Key features

  • 3 soothing sounds including falling rain, ocean waves and a soothing heartbeat
  • Safe volume for babies
  • You can use this wonder device from birth
  • Turns itself off after 10 minutes when you (hopefully) have a much calmer baby in your arms

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