Munchkin Inflatable Duck Bath

It's bath time! And what's more fun than a regular old bathtub? A giant inflatable duck bathtub! Totally impractical, potentially bonkers but it looks like loads of fun doesn't it?

On a closer inspection though, this inflatable bath actually has some great features. It has a textured bottom to prevent slipping, babies love the bright colours and it makes a quacking noise! It also has a white hot safety disk which reveals the world 'hot' when the temperature is too high. Its great for home use and as a travel bath.

So there you go, not a totally quackers idea after all...

Key features

  • Great for home use and for travelling
  • White hot safety disc tells you when the temperature is too high
  • Bright colours
  • Comfortable padding and textured bottom to prevent slipping
  • Quacks like a duck

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