Nutri Baby Bullet

If you've heard of the 'adult' version of the Nutri Bullet you will know how popular a blender it is! And now hot on its heels comes the baby bullet.

Jars of baby food are no doubt convenient but there is simply nothing better than good food made at home with fresh healthy ingredients. That way you know exactly what is going into it and being fed to your little one.

You can use this baby sized blender to create your own baby puree or chunkier food for older babies. Load up your ingredients in any of the handy attachments. Press that down into the blender and you have your finished meal in seconds.

The blender comes with 6 storage containers which have twistable lids where you can set the date they were made. You also get handy freezer and fridge trays. To top it all off a book of yummy recipes is included!


Key features

  • Make baby food in literally seconds with this powerful mini blender
  • Puree or chunkier food for older babies
  • Recipe book and fridge/freezer trays included
  • Strorage containers with adjustable date

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