The Snot Sucker

If you have a snotty baby with a constant nose drip then short of them learning to blow their own nose you need to help them out.

Wiping with tissues can be a bit harsh for their tender skin and even though you love them dearly: getting up, close and personal with their nostrils might not be something you enjoy doing.

Well now there is a new solution - The snot sucker.

Like some kind of crazy snot vacuum you just place the tube to your little one's nostril, create a seal and suck that snot outta there. Worried about getting snot in your mouth? Don't worry its 100% hygenic and a filter stops you getting a snotty mouthful. 

Key features

  • Its a quick, hygenic way of removing yucky mucus.
  • Allergy free
  • 100% hygenic thanks to filters
  • Clearer nose means better breathing, feeding and sleeping

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