The Miracle Swaddleme baby swaddler

What's that noise? High pitched screaming coming from your newborns lungs in the middle of the night. You groan as you realise its going to be another long night of broken sleep....

On closer inspection she has wriggled loose from the tight swaddle you made from her blanket only 30 mins ago and has as a result has woken herself up! You know swaddling makes your baby feel safe and secure but if only you could keep her swaddled up and comfortable for longer!

The 'Summer Infant Swaddleme' is the miracle you have been longing for. This cleverly designed 100% cotton swaddler keeps your baby snug and secure all night. By wrapping your little one up with securable wings that fold over them: you create a snug womb-like swaddle that will keep even the most fidget prone babies tucked up for a long time. By staying swaddled up, your babies startle reflex is reduced, the upshot is more sleep for everyone. 


Key features

  • Dampens a babies startle reflex (a common cause of waking)
  • No need to worry about dangers of loose blankets
  • More sleep for baby = more sleep for you

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