Totseat The washable squashable portable highchair

If you are going out for some lunch and taking your little one with you, then perhaps you've been in a situation where all the high chairs are in use. Or perhaps you do find one and it's dirty, or worse.. the strap is broken. You might be heading to a friends house who doesn't have children and need to feed your little one. They don't have anything even resembling a high chair and of course he won't cooperate and sit still!

In both these cases a portable high chair would solve the problem. However that chair needs to be portable. Not plastic or bulky, something you can pull out of the nappy bag and use right away.

The 'Totseat' is certainly portable, roll it up and whip it out when needed. Just slip it over the back of a regular chair, adjust it and clip it in place. No worrying about finding a clean working high chair ever again! Another life saver for your nappy bag arsenal.

Key features

  • Washable and squashable
  • For 6 months to 30 months
  • Easy to use, adjust it and clip it to a chair
  • Comfortable fabric with lots of funky designs

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